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Be a part of our Film Festival Family all year long and enjoy member discounts; please support Dana Point Film and the DPFF!

The Dana Point Film Festival (DPFF) is an ocean film festival focused on marine life and our relationship with this magnificent wonder. DPFF primarily celebrates documentary filmmaking that features education, conservation, preservation, and recreation (ocean adventure films). 

In addition to filmmaking, this week-long festival will include a community evening outdoor movie screening, musical guests, art and cultural events, educational elements, and a speaker series with renowned global oceanographic experts.   

During our annual festival, held in May (May 4-7, 2023), we will show more than 40 hours of ocean film documentaries, including global award-winning documentaries and ones up for DPFF awards. Our Ocean categories include Conservation, Preservation, Education, Explorations, Solutions, Adventure (Playful Harmony), and Big Wave Films. Members will have the opportunity to be a part of special screenings, Q&A and panel lectures throughout the year.

Dana Point is the whale and dolphin Capital of the world and is recognized as a Whale Heritage Site (WHS). Dana Point is also home to many notable educators, conservationists, marine biologists, and researchers and is undoubtedly the epicenter of the surf, film, publishing, and innovation world.

The Dana Point Harbor, once the site of the famous wave “Killer Dana”, is the gateway to the Pacific and hosts a world-class marina, recreation, and the renowned Ocean Institute. Dana Point surf and Sailing is legendary with greats like Hobie Alter, Bruce Brown, and more. The greatest asset of Dana Point is its people, that embrace each day, ecologically focused and ocean-loving humans that are at harmony with its treasures.


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