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Dana Point FIlm Festival
Inagural Annual Event

Coming May 4th – 7th

WHy dana point

Dana Point is the whale and dolphin capital of the world and is recognized as a Whale Heritage Site (WHS). Dana Point is home to many notable conservationists, marine biologists, and to The Ocean Institute, which is an ocean education organization founded in 1977. It offers ocean science and maritime history programs for K–12 students and their teachers.


The Dana Point Film Festival (DPFF) is an oceans film festival focused on marine life and our relationship with this magnificent wonder. DPFF celebrates primarily documentary filmmaking that features education, conservation, preservation, and recreation, (ocean adventure films). In addition to filmmaking, this week-long festival will include a free community evening outdoor movie series, musical guests, cultural events, educational elements, speaker series (with renowned global oceanographic experts), and ending in an awards presentation with globally recognized talent.


Seventy-one percent of the earth is covered with water. Over ninety-six percent of our water is in our oceans. The DPFF celebrates our oceans and will highlight films that recognize the importance of keeping our oceans clean and the symbiotic relationship we must have with it. DPFF will be screening and awarding films that educate & entertain our DPFF members and guests.


DPFF will be a place where filmmakers can share their works. Aspiring filmmakers can learn from seasoned veterans and our audience can marvel at the wonder of these works. Films will focus on education, conservation, preservation, and recreation.

We will bring in prominent global speakers that will lecture, inform, and engage our audience. Our relationship with the Oceanographic Institute will inspire young filmmakers to participate in two competitions. One for local students and one for global submission: The DPFF 72-Hour Short Competition and The DPFF Global Student Film Competition.

Additionally, the Oceanographic Institute will be open for educational tours, be one of the hosts for our speaker series, and also be a screening location.